Introducing: Nexto Guided Stories

Improving visitor engagement with heritage content has always been one of our key goals. We believe in the power of storytelling. When stories are well told, they have the ability to draw you in. Only well told stories are truly relatable, memorable and leave a lasting impact.

With that in mind, we’ve designed a new format for location based storytelling. Something that’s playful and exciting, yet still informative and simple to use. Something that drives your interest and motivates you to learn more. Something that’s more immersive and can make you feel like you’re a part of the story, when exploring a heritage destination.

Nexto Guided Stories are a new type of navigational experience, available on the Nexto Platform:

  • They use a familiar conversational interface to tell the story gradually, at a pace that feels right to the user.
  • With the use of audio, visual and augmented reality elements they are able to bring historic characters to life and offer a unique glimpse to the past.
  • By solving puzzles, riddles and mini-games user can collect points and other rewards that drive the engagement and interest with the location further.


Nexto Gudied Stories are a highly flexible storytelling format that is suited for all kinds of destinations. It can be used to tell immersive and complex stories as well as build exciting scavenger hunts, quests and escape room types of experiences. It’s available now on our CMS, where you can start building your own in just a few steps. No coding required, just your imagination.

Contact us to enable Nexto Guided Stories in your account or if you want to learn more.