Nexto support for Facebook & Snapchat AR Effects

Facebook and Snapchat are leading the way to make AR experiences more fun and easy to produce. By recently releasing AR Studio and Lens Studio, both of them now enable creation of AR elements that can be easily viewed and shared in their apps. At Nexto, we’re excited for the possibilities this unlocks, because it allows everyone to become an AR creator.

From now on, you can reward your visitors for completing quests in your Nexto guided stories with Facebook and Snapchat filters. When building a quest in Nexto CMS, simply enter the ID or URL of your Facebook/Snapchat effect into the “AR Trophy” section and users will be able to access it on their devices, once they complete your quest.

This is a great way to promote your destination’s story or brand through AR effects that users can easily share with their friends on social networks.